what's behind our Harmony Collaboration Collection
we met as artists, and quickly became friends, confidants, and dreamers.
we realized that we shared similar struggles, but found that we were also both
strong believers in the second chances of life.
maybe it was our vulnerability and compassion that brought us together.
we share a mutual respect for each other, the art we create,
the relationships we value, and our common faith that guides our everyday lives.
the collaboration we call Harmony, was born from a dream...literally!
it was easy to see and agree that our art could be joined together
in a special way that could prove meaningful to others.
first, jodi creates the beautiful mosaic focal,
then hands it off to marcia to enhance it with gemstones and beads
wire-wrapped into a chain for a one-of-a-kind piece.
each collaboration is named with intention and comes with
an inspiring quote (noted at the top of each item)
to lift your spirits or to encourage someone else from your gift.
some people do unexpectedly walk into your life
and before you know it, are permanently woven there...
jodi & marcia
you can find more of jodi's work at