Jennifer Dahl Designs


Jennifer Dahl started her business as a way to help support her family and be home with her three little ones {she had three kids under the age of 3!} as her kids grew, so did her business, and she loves that she still gets to do this every day. She's now mama to three teenagers, which is a whole new challenge!
Each piece of jewelry is designed and handmade in her Minnesota studio. She makes a lot of it herself, but she also has a small team of stay at home mom’s in her small community who help her out. They are awesome and she couldn’t do this without them.
Her charms are all about creativity, connection and celebrating what's unique about you. Each charm tells a story.  Words matter, and we all have a story to tell. What she loves most about her business is that she helps women tell a little bit about who they are and what matters to them. From the beginning her desire has been to uplift, inspire, or make people laugh out loud when they wear her designs.