Leather Cuffs

I started these to simply use up my scrap leather that I had, because I don't like to waste anything.  Once I started, I found them to be so fun and creatively challenging that I didn't want to stop.  So here, you'll find unique cuffs that I most likely won't repeat.  I typically do one size run and that's it.  And, occasionally, I don't have enough leather to do a full size run.  But, if you see one in a size that doesn't work for you and you'd like it in your size, please message me right from the product page, or by email at lydeenjewelry@gmail.com to see if I can duplicate it for you. 

Please Note:  A cuff is usually a bit smaller than a typical bracelet that you want to have a little movement. On a cuff, you don’t want much movement. You want it to fit a little closer to your wrist. I have taken this into consideration when sizing my cuffs here. So, if you typically wear a 7.5” bracelet, you will also want a cuff labeled in that size. I thought this was a simpler way to handle the difference in fit for this style. If you have any questions about that, please reach out as described above.