Mia Moyad Postcard Magnets


Mia Moyad feels fortunate to call Ann Arbor, Michigan her home where she shares a humble cottage with her husband Mark and their fur baby Grazie. The small college town allows her to walk just about anywhere from home and if she's looking for a little inspiration she strolls into the gorgeous arboretum to soak in nature and all of it's soothing powers.

Mia is formerly a social worker and discovered her artistic talents later in life. At the end of a stressful day she found relaxation through her own art therapy. She began to hone her skills and soon friends and family were asking to purchase her pieces.

She considers her work to be spiritually driven and begins each day in solitude and prayer as part of her self-care routine. Her work is created in an effort to make a soul-to-soul connection and ultimately to invite joy into the world one piece at a time.