About Bottle Branch, Newton Massachusetts

Hello there! I’m Elizabeth.

Bottle Branch is where I share my love for flowers, plants, nature, gardening, making things, and papergoods.

About me and how I started Bottle Branch

I started my adult life working as a botanist, working on various research projects in the Bolivian Amazon, the American South, Puerto Rico, New England, northern Mannitoba, Canada, and Brazil. I always pursued creative adventures on the side: botanical illustration, print making, gardening, needlework, among many, many others.

In 2012, I began to pursue my creative passions in earnest: making silkscreen prints, white line woodcuts, and lots of needlework. Then, I fell in love with botanical photography and Bottle Branch, the business was born.

Why is my business called Bottle Branch? What is a bottle branch? 

In some places, a “crick” can be another name for a creek. In other places, “branch” can be another name for a small stream. The stream which ran behind my childhood home was called Bottle Branch. I spent hours playing in there, swinging on rope swings, hunting for crayfish, and chasing a single elusive bullfrog. Of those three things, the swings are the only thing I know for certain existed.

The hours spent at Bottle Branch were filled with wonder, possibility and deep connection to the natural world – just the sort of connection and inspiration I hope to bring to you with this Bottle Branch.