custom piece gallery

We really enjoy working with our customers to create a special piece that has a lot of meaning for them. 

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here are a few samples of some of our favorites...

 this was an important piece for me to create for Grandma is the reason that i fell in love with antiques when i was a teenager and it is her maiden name that my business is named after. adding pieces when i lost my dad in 2007 and now my mom in 2019, has just made it that much more special to me. 

i love wearing this piece.


from Chantal..."Perfect!  I love the combination of charms. Having you create this for me seemed like the perfect fit! And, it's getting rave reviews on my Facebook page.  Happy to finally have a piece of my grandma that I can enjoy!"


from Donna..."Looks great!  Thank you so much!  I appreciate all the time you spent communicating with me and making up those pieces.  Thank you!"


from MaryLou..."Thank you, Marcia!  I LOVE it...and we just got back from Paris, so the fleur-de-lis charm is PERFECT!"



from Elaine..."I love it!  Thank you so much!"


from Julie..."Everything is stunning!  So stunning!  Fabulous!  I am so thankful!"


from Sandy..."I love it!  Thank you!"


from Nancy M..."I love it!  And, the bride is going to love it too!  Thank you, it's so beautiful!"