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  I was super excited to find these reproduction medals from WW1! an original would be way out of my reach, so to be able to bring you this high quality replica (the mold for this one is made from an original vintage medal) is thrilling. i think they’re so so cool! and to be able to wear it 4 different ways...bonus! 

  • vintage replica, silver plated Belgian, WW1 Victory Medal (reversible)
  • 22” sterling silver plated, antiqued ball chain
  • all metals are nickel and lead free 

2 available 

here’s this history:

The Belgian Inter-Allied Victory Medal 1914–1918 was a 36mm in diameter circular gilt bronze medal. Its obvserse bore a winged victory standing on a globe, her arms and wings spread out, looking down at Earth. The reverse bore, superimposed over a laurel wreath, the coat of arms of the Allies, starting at center top and going clockwise, French Third Republic, United States, Empire of Japan, Kingdom of Greece, Brazil, Serbia, Portugal, Kingdom of Italy, United Kingdom, and at center, the Royal Coat of Arms of Belgium. Along the outer circumference, the relief bilingual inscription in French and Dutch "THE GREAT WAR FOR CIVILISATION"