about us

lydeen is a jewelry business that started in 1992, with humble beginnings, but very big dreams.  creating jewelry has saved my spirit through a lot of difficult life stuff (like divorce & the loneliness that followed) and i'm so grateful.  i worked full-time around the business for many years, but, after I married Doug in 2003, he gently encouraged me to explore new ways to make the business what i really wanted it to be.  it took some time, but, in 2010...i made IT my full-time J.O.B.  from there, it has blossomed into a thriving business and a constant cure for my creative heart. 

summer of 2017, Doug, retired to devote all of his free time to work with me to develop it even more.  since then, we've been adding lots of art shows and events and have loved every minute of it.  in 2017, we did 30 art shows & markets! Whew!  (i love what i do and i couldn't do it without his love and support.)  we can't wait to see where we go from here.

My first love was vintage finds, ( and it goes deep, guys) incorporating found objects into my pieces. necklaces, earrings and vintage button rings are among the one-of-a-kinds. my fondness for leather has also crept into the eclectic menagerie, bringing lots of color and spirit to the ever-changing bracelet designs. 

a little piece of my heart is in everything i create. 

our hope is that when you wear a lydeen creation, you feel the freedom to be your beautiful self.  

~marcia & doug